We put together our very short list of Xbox consoles ranking based on nothing but our personal opinions! So read on to see what the best video game consoles and systems of all time are, according to…US.

4.) Xbox Series X

The Xbox series x is last on this list because it has only been out for around 2 years, and also it really doesn’t have any exclusives so far except for the new

Halo game and as well as Forza 5. Yes the Xbox series x does have some impressive updates and hardware, the exclusives right now are hurting it, the only real reason to get an Xbox right now is for a game pass or to play older games!

3.) Xbox One

The Xbox One is probably the worst of Microsoft’s consoles right now. The third generation of Xbox consoles got off to a bad start in 2013, with a pretty limited library and almost no exclusives at all! The Xbox one struggled to find an audience due to its lack of titles or the hardware having a good amount of issues!

Granted Xbox Game pass did help a good bit though. Granted having Halo and Forza, Gears 5, and such did help with some good titles!

2.) Xbox

The original Xbox was great. It had a number of great exclusive titles at the time, including games like Halo and Splinter Cell. It also had Xbox live as well, which was Xbox’s first attempt at online gaming for consoles around that time! and was even before sony online with the PlayStation in 2006! The Xbox in ways did help with the online community for gaming with friends on console!

1.) Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is number 1 on this list because it would be the best-selling Xbox console of all time! It has the biggest library to date for games and even most of the launch titles hold up over time! Granted yes it did have the “Red Ring of Death” which was horrible for gamers at that time! You still can’t beat how damn good, most of the Xbox games were at that time!